How to Repair a Brick Wall

How to Repair a Brick Wall

Cracks on brick or mortar should not be ignored. These matters get worse with time, and they impact the structural integrity of your property. Here’s an overview of how to repair a brick wall from start to finish.

Determine the Cause of Damage

The first step in any repair process is to figure out what’s causing the problem. If you only fix the symptoms (cracks) without finding the root cause, those cracks will eventually return.

When we repair a brick wall, we conduct a thorough investigation to determine why it’s cracking. Are there foundation issues? Were the bricks properly secured during installation? Is this simply a byproduct of wear? Once we know what’s going on, we can prescribe the appropriate solution.

Assess the Extent of the Brick Damage

The visible brick damage may be the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are many instances where a small crack reveals a widespread issue in masonry. Thus it’s important to evaluate the extent of the damage, not just the source. This is the true indicator of what it will take to repair the brick wall.

Correct the Underlying Issue, If Applicable

If there are foundation problems or other issues that need to be addressed, take care of those before repairing the bricks. Otherwise, you’ll spend time and money on repairs that will only last for a short period of time. Focus on the functional components first, and then you can worry about the aesthetic issues.

Remove and Replace the Damaged Materials

Now it’s time to actually repair the brick wall. For most issues, tuckpointing is the best remedy. This removes all the worn mortar around the bricks and replaces it with new mortar. Mortar is more porous than bricks, so it’s more likely to get damaged.

If the bricks are not salvageable, you’ll need to select matching replacement bricks. This is tricky to do because of variations in batches, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Our brick repair experts have perfected the art of matching materials, and we source from multiple supply yards. When you work with Grosse Pointe Chimney Repair, you can count on beautifully blended brick repairs that look like they’ve always been there.

Seamlessly Blend the Old with the New

This is where true artistry comes into play. Out with the old, in with the new…but you want the new to look like the old! With mortar, this means not only matching the color of the materials but also the texture. With bricks, it’s a matter of finding era-specific masonry that will fit in with what’s on the wall.

Repairing a brick wall isn’t a straightforward process, even if it sounds that way. In most cases, we suggest hiring professional bricklayers to handle the job. They have the tools and expertise to tackle the project and yield long-lasting results.

Why It Pays to Hire a Pro

Repairing a brick wall is a cumbersome task. It takes years of training to truly master masonry. A well-done repair can last for decades, but a poorly-done one can crumble in months. In the end, you’ll save far more money getting it done right the first time.

That’s where we come in. Grosse Pointe Chimney Repair offers comprehensive brick repair services, including chimney restoration, tuckpointing, brick paver repair, and more. Our masons have more than 20 years of experience, and we back everything with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us at (313) 263-1660 to schedule a free brick repair estimate.