Top 5 Signs of Chimney Damage 

Top 5 Signs of Chimney Damage 

Chimneys and fireplaces can add value to a home, but only if they’re in working order. In this guide, we’re going to focus on the brick structure around your chimney, not the inner workings. These visible signs of chimney damage will help you determine when to schedule a brick inspection.

Common Signs of Chimney Damage

Here are some tips to monitor for chimney damage:

  • Visible Cracks in the Bricks or Mortar – Cracked mortar can be replaced through a process called tuckpointing. Cracks in the bricks, also known as brick spalling, can be a little trickier to repair. Nevertheless, experienced brick contractors can replace your bricks as needed and restabilize your chimney.
  • Water Coming into the Chimney When It Rains – Your chimney should be structured to let the smoke from the fireplace out without letting rainwater in. If you see water coming into your home, it’s best to get an inspection.
  • Limestone Cracks on the Chimney Cap – The chimney cap is the part of the chimney at the very top of the structure. It keeps sparks and embers in the chimney to protect your roofing, and it keeps water out when it rains. Cracks may inhibit both of those tasks, thereby putting your house at risk.
  • Leaning Chimney That Looks Like It’s Coming off the House – If you see your chimney “peeling” off your house, that’s not good. Get a chimney repair quote right away to see if it can be restabilized or if it needs to be rebuilt altogether.
  • Discolored Areas of the Brick – This may be the result of mold, efflorescence, or other issues related to water infiltration. The discolored brick is not only an eye sore, but it’s also an indicator of bigger issues at play.

If you see any of these signs, consider getting a quote for chimney repair. This could impact the safety of your family and your property. It’s not something to leave untreated.

When Should I Get a Chimney Inspection?

We recommend getting your chimney inspected at the first sign of damage. This will keep repairs to a minimum, prevent future damage, and allow you to catch the culprit as quickly as possible.

That’s not the only time to get an inspection though. If you can catch problems before they happen, that’s even better. We recommend getting a chimney inspection when you first purchase your home, after potentially harmful storms, and once every few years for general maintenance.

How Quickly Should I Pursue Chimney Repair?

Chimney repairs are best completed right away. Your chimney is exposed to heavy wind, rain, UV rays, temperature changes, and much more. Combine this with the weight of the bricks, and small problems can quickly turn into catastrophes. Addressing the issues early on will save you money ad protect your home moving forward.

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