Parts of a Chimney: The Basics

Chimney Rebuild with Level on Top

Chimney repair is a complex field because there are many parts to a chimney. Here at Grosse Pointe Chimney Repair, we focus on the external components, such as the brick, mortar, and chimney cap. This guide covers the basic parts of a chimney to help you understand how it works. Exterior Parts of a Chimney …

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How to Repair a Brick Wall

Brick Contractor Rebuilding Brick Wall

Cracks on brick or mortar should not be ignored. These matters get worse with time, and they impact the structural integrity of your property. Here’s an overview of how to repair a brick wall from start to finish. Determine the Cause of Damage The first step in any repair process is to figure out what’s …

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Restore the Look of Your Pavers by Pressure Washing

Closeup of Powerwashing Brick Pavers in Grosse Pointe Michigan

Have your pavers started to look dirty, dull, and lackluster? Do you even forget what they used to look like in their prime? You may not realize just how dirty your pavers are, but with professional paver cleaning in Grosse Pointe Michigan, you will be amazed at the results. Whether you have pavers on your …

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Top 5 Signs of Chimney Damage 

Closeup of Damaged Chimney with Blue Sky

Chimneys and fireplaces can add value to a home, but only if they’re in working order. In this guide, we’re going to focus on the brick structure around your chimney, not the inner workings. These visible signs of chimney damage will help you determine when to schedule a brick inspection. Common Signs of Chimney Damage …

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Are Brick Pavers Better Than Concrete?

Brick pavers vs. concrete – it’s a classic debate in the hardscaping world. Concrete is often less expensive, but bricks look better and require less maintenance. What’s the right choice for you? Let’s compare the benefits of both options to determine if brick pavers are better than concrete. Basic Overview of Brick Pavers vs. Concrete …

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What Is Tuckpointing and How Does It Repair Bricks?

Tuckpointing can add decades to the life of your masonry. This is a critical component of brick maintenance, but we don’t think it gets talked about enough. If you’re unfamiliar with mortar replacement or want to know more about how tuckpointing works, check out this informative guide from Grosse Pointe Chimney Repair. Definition of Tuckpointing …

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